Month: March 2012

  • A lot of “Finalies”

    You guys!  You’ll never guess!  I’m FINALLY done with a lot of things!  Most importantly, I finished a new video for sharing.  “Heart of the Cards:  The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game”, which will be below.   (And with that, I finally got a project done long before the deadline.)  Spring Break is finally here.  I finally…

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  • this could have been an edit to the previous post probably

    There’s been a lot of fuss concerning the video I posted earlier, both against and defending the organization (Invisible Children) that created the video and facilitated such a strong outcry for action.  First, and I made a gesture at it in the previous post, what’s interesting to me about all of this is the way…

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  • Kony 2012

    This is a really big, really good example of social media coming to “We are the Media.”  I won’t say anything more on it.  Just watch.     Kony 2012

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