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{January 8, 2018}   In which I was mildly productive

I’ve been trying to keep my tiny scattered things a touch less scattered, but I am a constant mess, so there’s that.  All the same, I’ve collected a few new ones here again.  Have at them.

Today is the bit where we trudge through the adventure.  I’ve forgotten my tea ball.  Definitely a trudging bit of the adventure.

{January 1, 2018}   Happy New Adventures! 

Last year we spent New Year’s celebrating with a very few strangers in a Joe’s Crab Shack. This year we said Happy New Year with delightfully animated people locked in a Whataburger we didn’t realize was closing their interior for a few hours. Four minutes to midnight I got this really bubbly excited feeling, like suddenly being given good news. I couldn’t tell you why, and I certainly don’t know what’s coming, but I want to hold onto that feeling, I want to keep that weirdly emotional excitement through this year. May 2018 be an adventure filled with kindness and wonder and hope! Fingers crossed! Love you all! 

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