Linda Scribbles

I don’t have near as much as I hoped and dreamed to offer, buuuuut I’ve officially been awake way too long on too little sleep, so I’m just going to dump what I have while I’m thinking about it and before I pass out. Without further ado, and with much love, for you:

The Full Midnight Moon

May all your adventures tonight end safely and yield good stories. Happy Halloween!

{October 13, 2019}   All Hallow’s Read 2019

Every year I swear up and down I’m not going to put off writing for All Hallow’s Read until the last minute. For the most part I have been writing, but the finishing is also important, and not so much of that has been happening. I have exactly one completed piece. Just the one. I’m actually pretty happy with it, too, but I can’t help feeling like even if it was the best thing I’ve ever written, it’s not enough. Life is happening, as ever, and my day job saps my time, energy, and mental space, but it’s not impossible to scribble things here and there, so it feels like I should have a lot more to share. It feels like the finishing shouldn’t be nearly so infrequent. I don’t have a positive note to add to this. I suppose I’m just venting my frustration with myself out into the you who may be surprised to find yourself still here. We can be surprised together. Fingers crossed I can bang out just a few more bits and bobs for your reading pleasure.

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