Pumpkin Wife (A Halloween Poem)

One Halloween
a man was seen
in a pumpkin patch all alone.

He searched and he toiled
for a pumpkin unspoiled
to put in front of his home.

It had to be big
and round as the moon
and a bright, funny orange that shone.

He would give it a smile
and a glow to beguile
any children who came to his home.

He loved to give candy
and make them all happy,
so this pumpkin had to be right.

And there to the left
he saw a pumpkin with heft,
the best in the patch that night.

So he rolled it away
and he tried not to sway
for the pumpkin was heavy, for sure.

He got up on top
and pulled it open, POP,
to cut out all of its core,

but what should he find,
a surprise to his mind,
a person asleep on the pumpkin floor.

He dropped his knife.
He’d brought home a wife!
She was certainly more than a guest!

She opened her eyes as bright as the moon
and smiled with a round face that shone.
She climbed out of her nest and sat at the crest,

Where she laughed and hugged him, her own.
She kissed her new husband and said with a smile
“Thank you for bringing me home!”

No pumpkin grinned bigger,
no candle burned brighter
than the pumpkin wife smiling in front of her home.


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