Mama, look!

Mama, listen,

I can’t wash my hair.

The shower is haunted.

It’s scary in there!

My scrubby just wiggles-

That’s not so bad.

The soap floats right to me-

I can’t really be mad.

But the shampoo bottle is something

you wouldn’t believe.

It bubbles and hisses,

It dances away.

If you can catch it, good luck,

you can’t make it stay.

The cap tries to bite you,

The bottom grows spikes,

The label gets slick,

The whole thing freeze to ice.

That shampoo is mean!

Don’t make me unscrew it.

I’ll wash everything else,

I tell you, I’ll do it;

From my face to my toes, I’ll scrub ’til I’m squeaking

But, Mama, please, please–

LOOK!  Look what the shampoo is doing!

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