Linda Scribbles

We say space is dark.
Even when we see the stars,
Camping out on mountain tops,
Out in forest, deserts, fields,
Away from lights that dull our eyes.
We see pitch from point to point.
But we’re learning, we’re seeing
Exactly how wrong we are.
Our naked sight is simply too weak,
Our minds have been too meek to process–
We wondered,
We dreamed,
We built.
We met brilliant vastness.
Dark is just what we can’t see.
Astounded, awed– but didn’t we know that?

[…] grown a baby in that time.  I did not.  There is not a baby.  Except I wrote something that is longer than a line for the first time in a while.  After failing miserably to keep chugging along on the last few […]

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