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  • All Hallow’s Read 2022

    It’s not midnight! Happy Halloween! Happy All Hallow’s Eve! Happy All Hallow’s Read! Happy everything! It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been here or took a sec to flip back through my posts that I yet again, in grand spooky season tradition, didn’t have anything to show for myself until about…

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  • Stuck the landing!

    Made it safely to 34! I have a LOT of thoughts and feelings about everything going on in the world, but I wanted to share this tiny good thing. Please have cake and enjoy a good story in my honor. Happy adventuring and here’s to many more!

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  • In which breathing is difficult

    The last time I wrote here about a shooting was 2012. I was heartsick, and it’s no less painful to hear about another school, and another, and another, and stores and places of faith and homes. Twenty-one lost in the Uvalde school with parents begging for aid. To not only be denied assistance from the…

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