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  • All Hallow’s Read and it’s not even midnight!

    I’ve only got one thing written this year, but I actually like it quite a bit, which is pretty rare for me! I hope everyone is having a safe and cozy spooky season! I offer this All Hallow’s Read gift with much love! Enjoy! Off We Go A’Visiting Put on your hat and tighten your…

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  • On the cusp of change

    Or hopefully I am, anyway.  (Thirty-three has yet to take me out! Would you look at that!) The recent efforts toward change in my life have made me reflective, the hour a strange kind of nostalgic for the almosts and life events missed. I’m thinking about all the ways I held back or was held…

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  • In which the rabbits are rather serious

    This is a draft I half started at the beginning of December and got too busy to finish. I’m continuing now. Fair warning: this is an absolute mess. I’m at work desperately trying to keep my brain on task rather than chasing all the thought rabbits there ever were. I’m hard pressed to feel motivated…

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