Wishes and Kisses, Left and Right

First off, merry Christmas and general well-wishes!  You are all appreciated whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate.  I celebrate you.  So there.  And happy New Year, too!  We’ve survived another year!  Yaaaay!

And then there is this:  I most likely will be graduating Spring 2012!  Yaaaaay!  It won’t be with a degree in Mass Communication as I’d planned, but it will be a degree in the communication field all the same.  Journalism- News/Editorial it is!  (Thank you to the marvelous teachers who got me here and pulled for me to get the credits necessary in order to finish.  I love those people in warm and fuzzy ways.)  Just need to go through two more classes and I’m done.  Ta da!  Journalism is what I originally planned to graduate under, so that’s something.  I’m just happy I can see the end.  It’s been fun, but I’m ready to do other things now.

Like focus more on writing fiction.  I don’t know yet what I’ll do for income, but I certainly intend to do something.  We’ll see what happens.  Anyway, there’s a new story posted in the Writing Projects section.  It was the final project in my creative writing class and an experiment for myself to see if I could write a happy story.  Well, I finished it at any rate and no one died or came to an unfortunate end.  There’s a lot of awkward, but it all comes out alright in the end.  I think.  Maybe I’ll rework it later.  Be warned:  there be kissing in these parts.

So there’s the update.  One more semester comes to an end and another year begins.  It’s supposed to be the last one, I hear.  Like, ever.  Ah, well.  Have fun and don’t die!  Onward to more adventuring!


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