A lot of “Finalies”

You guys!  You’ll never guess!  I’m FINALLY done with a lot of things!  Most importantly, I finished a new video for sharing.  “Heart of the Cards:  The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game”, which will be below.   (And with that, I finally got a project done long before the deadline.)  Spring Break is finally here.  I finally did laundry.  Finally saw Blue Man Group live.  Finally did taxes.  Finally checked the mail. Finally bought new pants.  Finally injured myself in with the tools in sculpture class.  Finally got my work schedule sorted out.  Finally got boba tea.

Also, I finally got the letter that says, officially, that I’m graduating at the end of this semester with a B.S. in Journalism- News/Editorial (provided I pass the last two classes). I’m finally at the end!  I have the exit interview and to get the announcements printed and sent out.  It’s exciting.  Anyway, onward!

I love those guys, especially the tall, skinny one.  He’s super cute.  Hopefully, this will be the first in a series of videos about Yu-Gi-Oh and these guys.  Thanks goes to them for being so patient and cooperative, and to Ground Zero Comics and Art of Gaming, attached to Art of Coffee, for allowing me into their space and giving  me a few minutes of time.  I’ve linked to the youtube channels of some of the guys in the description section for this video if you want to know more about any of the guys or the game.  You can find it if you view the video directly in youtube.  I hope you like it!  Spring Break adventure, go!


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