All Hallow’s Read and it’s not even midnight!

I’ve only got one thing written this year, but I actually like it quite a bit, which is pretty rare for me! I hope everyone is having a safe and cozy spooky season! I offer this All Hallow’s Read gift with much love! Enjoy!

Off We Go A’Visiting

Put on your hat and tighten your laces, don’t want to be late, they might eat your faces!

What do you mean you only have one? Nevermind that, all the more reason to hustle and hurry. Can’t lose the one, even if it’s not furry.

Put on your coat, remember the buttons. Pick up that basket—we can’t leave the muffins.

What’s that, dear? Speak into the back ear; I can’t hear a thing with the cap on the top tier.

Oh, never, not ever! Turn up empty paw’ed?! Our hosts wouldn’t be pleased if left empty maw’ed!

They’d welcome you, sure, for supper, and snacks. They’d bring you straight in to the kitchen with thanks, AND THEN—

We’d all be eating a medley of soups with a stock of your spine, and all of your eyeballs floating in brine, with all of your dimples and pimples on quiche, maybe a delicate salad with your gills and your feets, your liver pâte, three of your brains arranged on a tray, your tail sliced on crackers with cheese, kid kidney pie topped with nails and teeth—

What’s that? Do we have time to mop? Oh, my, so I did get carried away! Salivating just thinking of maybes, I say!

Yes, yes, you’re right, after all. We shouldn’t leave with a mess in the hall. You know, why don’t you set those muffins aside? We’ll just take care of this and then catch our ride.

Maybe just for today, they won’t mind a delay; maybe they’ll only be mad just a tad, if I arrive with a treat, surely that won’t be so bad.

Happy Halloween, or a wonderful evening to you all this same! 🎃🧡


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