What a dreamy semester thus far!

It turns out the last two classes I need to finish my major aren’t being offered until the Spring 2012 semester.  One of which is a class I was going to take during the summer were it not cancelled at the last minute.  That led to a whole big mess that left a rather bitter taste behind, but here really isn’t the place to rant about it, and anyway, it’s done and over with.  Finite.  Video Production, I see you back there hiding behind October, November and December! Anywho, that one and Advanced Storytelling (I forget what the official name is) are something I’m looking forward to, but in the meantime I’m taking Chinese I, Theatre, Taekwon-do (yes, as an actual class for credit and everything!) and Creative Writing.  Three of those have absolutely nothing to do with any degree option of mine.  I just liked them.  Which of these thiiiings doesn’t beloooong?  I’ll let you try to figure that out.  I’m really loving them all so far and don’t doubt that they’ll all come in handy in strange and maybe not so strange ways later.  I almost feel like I haven’t done anything except play and the semester is a good ways in already.  Oh, the cheek!  Oh, well…  I’m considering posting work or pictures or just updates about each of those classes here.  I’ll try to make sure it all remains relevant to mass communication somehow, but I make no promises.  I might very well just get excited and want to share.  That sort of thing isn’t uncommon with me.  Maybe it’ll be relevant only in that I’m practicing my storytelling skills?  Let’s go with that.  All the same, I hope the things I post will at least be enjoyable to others aside from myself.  (Was it as good for you as it was for me?)  We’ll see.  Once more now, folks!  It’s an adventure!


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