Let’s see if I can stretch this to fit

First thing’s first.  Familiarize yourself with All Hallow’s Read!  And if you don’t want to read, here’s Mr. Neil Gaiman to explain it to you, himself:

Now that we have that out of the way, I have a new concept to throw at you.  Why not write scary stories to share?  I hate parting with books and buying books gets expensive, so some friends and I decided to write our own stories to share with each other and to give to trick-or-treaters (with candy, of course).  I really wanted to share this with a lot of people because I really like the idea of getting more people into reading.  Besides, how awesome will it be for a kid to find stories in his or her bag when the oddest thing expected was a toothbrush?  Maybe they’ll want to write stories, too!  It’s like the best varient of Christmas ever!  Anyway, even if you just share books with your friends, I hope everyone will get involved and get others near them involved, too.  Have a writing/ Halloween/ story telling party, even!  (That’s the plan for a lot of us in my area.  Not sure where or how or when, yet, but it’s exciting anyway.)

Alright, now to stretch this to fit mass communication… We’re spreading ideas!  We’re mass communicating!  Ta da!  I’ve posted my tiny, scary short stories for you all as gifts for All Hallow’s Read.  They’re under the Writing Projects- Fiction page in the All Hallow’s Read 2011 section.  I hope you like them! 

Happy Halloween!  Happy All Hallow’s Read!  It’s an adventure!  Won’t you come with me on this one?


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