Linda Scribbles

{May 29, 2012}   Look what I can do!

So I found my video reel after all.  Yaaaay!  It was one of the last projects for the Video Production class and showcases some of my best camera work (not all camera work featured is mine) and video editing skills using Final Cut Express and After Effects.  Enjoy!

Still hunting for work.  Waiting to see if anyone will call you back is quite possibly one of the most bothersome endeavors.  Oh well.  Not like I don’t have things to keep me occupied.  Quiet adventure, go!

Wayne E. says:

First, thanks for stopping by Bo’s Cafe Life-I appreciate it!

Great editing! (I’ve produced a few videos.) Have you ever thought about creating videos for local businesses that have websites?? You could make a few bucks. Based on the size of the business, you could get up to $1,000 a minute for 3-5 minutes. You could also help writers create book trailers, you know? Use stock photos and charge a little less; they’re paying you for your skills as an editor. Good luck!!

I loved your comics! They’re pretty pithy.

And thank you! I actually had thought about doing things to that effect, though I’m currently ill equipped to do anything just yet. Maybe once my husband and I manage to get settled again. Here’s hoping!

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